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Temporary we do not sell breads via EuBakery.com   Sorry for inconveniences. If you would like to order German Bread Please visit FABKO.COM  ---> BAKERY

Our online organic Food store offers a variety of fresh breads spanning from Sourdough Bread, old fashion Rye Bread, Wheat Bread, or the popular Gluten Free Bread. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of Healthy Food and organic products.

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We are passionate about customer satisfaction. You have a right to expect our products to perform as described on our site.We safely pack your items to ensure that you receive your order fresh and in perfect original condition. Boxes are amply sized and your items are well-protected. Shipping fees include handling and packing fees. If you experience problems with your order, contact us as soon as you receive the package and no later than 14 days from time of delivery.

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